Thursday, May 5, 2011

God Grew Tired Of Us (2006)

This is a remarkable story and an enduring testament to the thousands of peope who flee their homelands, leaving behind loved ones and family, in search of a better life in other countries when their own has become inhabitable be it from war, famine or just basic survival. Considering we live in a country where thousands attempt to enter every day, I will forever look at our refugees in a different light.

The story revolves around 3 men who were part of the Sudan's Lost Boys. I had never heard of them before but their story is beyond horrific and there is a very brief background in the film to give you probably just the basic idea but its enough to tell you what these boys have endured. The US government promised 3800 of these boys asylum in the states and of course, this film follows their story. These young men have never experienced things that we take for granted and you cant help but chuckle when one of them, on the plane to the states, opens a block of butter, sniffs it and pops it in his mouth!eeewww.

Anyhow, the film shows how they have to integrate into American society, their homesickness and loneliness away from the only family they have known (the young men left behind), cultural differences and most poignantly, their guilt at being one of the chosen ones to get asylum. John Bul Dau, whom I immediately took a shining to for his gentle nature, intelligence and perplexity at his new environment (shocking to be told you cannot just walk into your neighbours home LOLOL) , took on 3 jobs at one stage to send money to his family, remaining lost boys in Africa and pay his way.

John Bul Dau-My New Hero

Its a lovely film which will make you laugh, cry and after the credits have rolled, will have you googling to see what you can do to help. Its really a must see and a terrific film about overcoming the odds.

PS: And do yourelf a favour and read about the lost boys of Sudan, every human should KNOW their story.

Kurt Cobain-About A Son (2006)


This doc was a huge disappointment to me and I didnt even manage 30 mins of it. Its basically just audio interviews of Kurt Cobain talking to a slideshow of video and images of what I assume is Seattle people and the landscape. I did jump though to see if there was at least any images of the man himself but nothing...and dont expect any live footage of him either, unless I missed 10 minutes somewhere where they did show footage. A total waste of time unless you are happy to put on headphones and just listen to his voice. Personally I would prefer live footage at the very least.

Walmart-The High Cost of Low Price (2005)

I thought this would be a pretty interesting doc to watch for SA'ers since Walmart has just bought out Massmart (known to us as Makro, Game etc) and I was pretty excited when I heard Walmart might be landing on our shores. However, this doc has absolutely nothing good to say about Walmart and its focuses alot on their very bad work ethics towards their staff which I, in all honesty, found quite shocking myself. It also tells the story as to how this empire invades small American towns, putting out of business family stores that have been running for generations and it was rather heart-breaking to witness. It also focused on the shocking working conditions of people in China who make and run all the stuff Walmart sells.

I really dont see them pulling off half the shit they get up in the states with all our unions here in SA so I dont see me boycotting their stores in any kind of hurry if it will be beneficial to my consumer pocket, especially in this day and age.

This film has a very big David and Goliath feel to it and highly recommended. I would love to know if this doc will influence you into whether or not you will support this co if they do open shop here. Judging from their website, truthfully, I cant wait!! Who knows, maybe I will even start our own “S.A People shopping in Walmart” website hehehe