Sunday, September 23, 2012

I was gone...

but now Im back. I was shocked to pop in today at my blog and realise that I hadnt posted anything in over a year. I have no clue where the time went and I always mean to blog about new docs Ive seen and then never get around to it. There is an amazing amount of docs doing the rounds of late that Im itching to get my hands on...most important being Searching for Sugar Man I absolutely cannot wait. I have a ton of films I still need to review and I have finally done all I can to get the movies from The Documentary Blog's Top 50 movies of the decade. There are a few that have proved impossible and I can only but hope that I will come across them on my internet travels. I also recently used my eBucks to buy a shit load of documentary dvd's from Takealot that I have never even heard of and Im hoping to find some gems among the lot. Will certainly let you know.

Talking of Takealot, I was most annoyed to hear recently that they are no longer supporting imported dvd's from Amazon so now trying to buy some the brilliant documentaries I watch is going to be an exercise besides being 10x more expensive. So much for trying to cut down on my  illegal downloading lending from friends and trying to support the makers of these movies.!! Moving along...

Please also let me know if anything comes your way that is an absolute must see! ;)

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