Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Animals are Beautiful People (1974)

Here's one for us South Africans...who could forget this..well, I did. For 28 years. And I cannot tell you how happy I am that I came across it again after all this time. Formerly known back in the day as just "Beautiful People" the film puts a new(old) spin on nature documentaries.

I can emphatically say that even thou this film was made in 1974, it has not aged a day. I found it just as fantastic, delightful and entertaining as I did when i was a kid. The drama, action, romance, hilarious comedy and musical timing was a treat to watch again. How did I ever forget the drunk animals on marula fruit, the salt eating monkey, the *get away* bird and the poor lost warthog.

Do yourselves a favour and watch this one with your kids..its an absolute gem and a true African classic. What I also enjoyed was there were very few "sad" moments eg: no out-bursts of tears from said little ones when the lion eats the baby buck. It was just pure joy from beginning to end. Maybe a little unrealistic as far as proper nature docs go but still...

 You can bet your arse Ill be sitting this film through again with my little one on the weekend. And quite simply, I cant wait!!

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