Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hookers at the Point (2002)

This film is about the hookers who ply their trade in the Bronx, NY along the streets of Hunts Point.
Although I found the characters interesting although sad and depressing sometimes, there are quite a few funny moments. I dont have to tell you that these girls are full of character at the best of times.
There is not much of a story as per say as the camera just follows the stories of the girls who frequent this street and then follows up with them a few years later. I found it quite unusual to find girls in this trade who say they do it for the love of the "game" barring the fact that they are all hooked on some kind of drug or another. In the beginning, I was quite gob-smacked at the outfits these woman wore on the streets, lolol..ive never seen anything quite like...i found myself regularly sniggering and LOL at them and their one-liners are GREAT but they do seem to be victims of their circumstance, trapped in a world almost impossible to leave.

The only thing that put me off was when the girls picked up their dates (hehehe) they kept their mikes rolling so we are regularly subjected to the slurping, sucking and dirty talk emancipating from the vehicles. (nevermind that there is a camera aimed at said vehicle so we get to see it bouncing away with the inevitable head bobbing ) At first, I found it hilarious at the things these chicks would say to their johns, towards the end, i started to find it annoying. You know the saying, too much of a good thing etc etc...its like they read off their script which i suppose they do, just the men changed for each scene.

Anyhow, this film is very watchable and you cant help but feel genuine sorrow for the ladies but its not one Ill add to my dvd collection. If you come across it then yes, watch it (although I seriously doubt any SA peeps will be able to get it anywhere)..dont bother breaking the law to get your hands on it! ;-)

If you really want to watch it and in SA, let me know..sharing is caring!

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