Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just a quickie.

I just wanted to add that I get alot of my "what to watch"  from a blog called The Documentary Blog.
Its literally my bible for whats hot in the doc world

They have a list of the 50 top docs of the decade that I have systematically been working through.
Documentary List

When I started, I hadn't watched nor heard of any film (except for Bowling for Columbine) on that list however,  almost a year later and I'm almost through it bar for a few I'm finding almost impossible to download  get my hands on but still searching. I will be absolutely elated the day i can look at that list and say Ive watched them all. Its been an awesome adventure so far and Ive learnt how small my little world was..there is so much happening out there that we don't know about. Everyone has a story, no matter how big or small.

Anyhow, its an awesome blog and its also great for whats currently out there of interest.

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