Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zoo (2007)

"We are not who we appear to be"

Well, I just finished watching Zoo, its centred around the man who practically killed himself by doing the deed with a horse in Seattle some years back exposing a group of men who had some kind of bea.stia.lity farm on the go. There really is not much to the story in all honesty and I found it very difficult to follow as actors and voice overs are used and even the actors are somewhat hidden.

 Regarding my feelings following the film, I was actually relieved when it was over. The serene melodic music through-out made me irritated in parallel to the subject at hand. Its almost like the film-maker is trying to evoke feelings of sympathy for the men and the dead man, as we hear from them how normal they are and who is society to judge, how much they love their animals etc etc blah. I mean, come on, ABUSE is ABUSE! I have no idea what the film maker was trying to gain (lolz, maybe someone can tell me??) and it annoyed me to hear their stories of woe after they were bust and most lost everything after being named and shamed.

I would much have preferred it to have been more with hard-facts, more real life stories as it is such a taboo subject and not so focused on these men...who I might add, one even had the gall to say how irritated he was that the death had happened because he had invited his friend to the farm for that weekend. The way he said it, IMO sounded to me like the death was a terrible inconvenience as their weekend get togethers were essentially a thing of the past however, something tells me that it wasnt long before the operation just moved venues.

However, I suppose one does question the morality of it all and yes, who are we to judge althou the movie does bring about the notion that these animals are not harmed. The SPCA person who dealt with the case left me with the most poignant questions and she relates that after dealing with this case, she did extensive research on the subject and has come away with feelings of doubt herself. She says there is a possibility that humans could love another species as intensely, if not more, than their own.She sums it up that these *zoo* people, as they are called, bestow a remarkable about of love,care and devotion upon their animals.
If there was more facts and information, I possibly could have come to the same conclusion but I simply didnt. The men in question annoyed the crap out of me.

Hmmm...I didnt take the bait lolz, didnt go googling afterwards like I usually do (hehehe,thanks, thought I would skip this lesson on s.e.x 101) and finally, its watchable as there are no actual scenes. The filming is rather beautiful in itself with farmlands/views etc.

Psycho, you have to watch this one and tell me if I just didnt get it! lolololol.

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  1. Ok I am feeling slightly sick just from your description, don't think I could watch it. Next would be a documentary about paedophiles saying they just love children so much *gag*.

    Each to their own and all, but not for me